World of Sven

Dec 09

Snow in the mountains! Snow is on its way! I pray it will be a white Christmas. Be able to enjoy snow this year since Andy doesn't deliver pork anymore hardly. Yesterday we only got 4 trick r treaters. We were late home since we had to get a tire fixed. Got a nail in my minivan tire. UGH. Tire nice. I like it. I want to make head scarves for myself in the future sometime. My sew machine is a pain. Sometimes it works and sometimes it don't. Making a sock monkey and it siezed on me. But that is what I get for buying a cheap machine I guess. UGH. I better start this day. Bless you.

Nov 09

I am just feeling blessed today. We have no problems, no needs. The Lord has made all good. Yes, I do have debt, but it isn't a big deal. I know God is in control. I believe peace comes from Knowing God is in control and submitting to His will. Seeking His Will in Complete Truth. The Truth Sets  [...removed for spacing...]  heals their wounds. The righteous are lead by fiath. In faith we submit, obey, trust, and walk. In faith we walk in Joy. We know completely His will is good. We know He has delivered us. We in faith follow Truth. In faith we know. Praise Be to the Lord. I was blind but now I see. Bless you!

A Call to Small and Medium Sized Businesses- Telephone Answering

Is your business struggling to answer all the telephone calls that it needs to? A service that might be of interest is a telephone answering service , they can be a great help to start up companies and also sole traders.

Links of possible interest whilst site is updated:

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Many companies can benefit from a call handling service or call answering service and other virtual pa type services.

New and Start Up Businesses
Website aimed at helping new start companies on how to start a business.